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Are you experiencing a challenge at work? Are you looking to pitch a new idea to your boss or your team, but you don't know how to approach it? Are you struggling with how to engage a difficult coworker or client? Do you want to advice on how to take the next leap in your career?

Apra Metro DC has partnered with several seasoned managers who have at least ten years' experience in prospect development. Together, they can offer years of wisdom and important insight. Sometimes all you'll need is a reassuring response of encouragement to follow your gut. Other times, you might find an entirely different way of thinking about a problem.

Simply submit your question in the form above and we'll forward it on to one or more of our selected managers. All submissions are 100% anonymous. Responses will be posted below, and may be published in the next edition of The Prospector's "Ask a Manager" column. Be sure to provide enough context to empower our managers to provide meaningful responses.

Previous Questions

Question: I’m having a hard time getting “real talk” feedback from my manager, who I think is worried about hurting my feelings. How can I steer the conversation in a way that will result in honest feedback about where I can improve?
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Question: I have been tasked with several high-priority projects that I'm excited about working on. They are all great opportunities for me to develop different skills, but I'm struggling how to I prioritize when all of the projects are so important. My organization is short staffed, and I don't want to be seen as not pitching in.  
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Question: Where is there opportunity for prospect development professionals to better partner with key, under-served areas within advancement? Why do you think we've overlooked them?  
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Question: At the moment, I’m the sole researcher for my organization. I am formulating a plan for what an expanded (and currently hypothetical) Office of Prospect Research would look like, were I to branch out and add a few additional people in the coming years. It’s a long-term goal, and I thought I’d ask for suggestions.  
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